The Purpose of this site

I have learned almost everything I know about creating and developing websites from people who have chosen to share their knowledge online. I also have an opinion on just about everything under the sun. Personally, I think that an online voice is essential for anyone and everyone who wants one. This is mine. I also do client work although I am fairly selective about what I take on. If that’s why you’re here feel free to contact me via the contact form explaining your project. If you seriously want to hire me for something WordPress related or are looking for others who can help you with WordPress related problems please go through codeable.io.

About me

I am a freelance web designer and developer living in Paris, France. I have a fine-arts background and spent many years doing etching and lithography (which I consider to be art in its highest form.) I have since applied my love of technique and problem solving to the web and spend most of my time writing in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I also play around with SVGs, CSS3, and web animation. I am a great supporter of the WordPress community and to date it is my favourite web platform. As I said, I’ve learned almost all of this through online resources and hope to be able to contribute in the same way others have before me.


I have no editor. I learn as I go along so if you find anything on this site that is incorrect or needs clarification I am more than happy to make the necessary changes provided that there is sufficient reason and that the changes to be made are clearly explained. This includes typos and spelling mistakes. My opinion is not easily swayed but if anyone ever wants to publish a rebuttal I’d be happy to link to it. I will also mention that this site is not my principal occupation and is often not updated for long periods of time.