Resolutions for 2015

I seem to to have earned a reputation, amongst family members at least, as someone who makes resolutions. As far as I can remember there has only been a few years when I actually made resolutions and even fewer where I kept them. That said, I did write a post about it last year year so perhaps its official now. I’m one of those resolution people. So this year I feel a certain pressure to once again make resolutions and to prove my husband wrong I have to keep at least one for more than half a year. Luckily for me my list last year was quite short. This year I have decided that my resolutions should be more goal oriented. I have a tendency to try to enforce habits upon myself but habits are quite difficult to form, as I’ve come to find.

  1. Speak Publicly about my work. I’m cheating here as I’m actually scheduled to speak at the end of January at

    WordCamp Paris. Its a bit like adding something to a list only to cross it out but I’m guilty of that as well. Anyway, I might not make it for whatever reason and its still something I want to do.

  2. Write one blog post per month I recently read a tweet by

    Chris Lema claiming that he wasn’t a daily blogger as he only wrote 317 posts last year. Well, I only wrote 7. However I have 7 draft posts which means I don’t really have a lot to do.

  3. ### Out of bed before 9:00 everyday (even weekends) I read somewhere that its very important to have a daily rhythm and that this keeps insomnia and fatigue at bay. I have a rather bad habit of going to bed around 2:00 in the morning. This seems to be fairly consistant and isn’t helped by the fact that I now have clients in different time zones. I’m usually fairly exhausted during the week and sleep late on the weekends to recuperate. At any rate it isn’t doing wonders for me so what better time to try something new? As for

last year’s, I didn’t do too badly. I did pay a bit of attention to myself and did finally put this blog online and redid my site. As promised I paid myself nothing and was quite demanding. I’m fairly pleased with the end result although I haven’t contacted myself for any future work. I can’t claim to have got any better at self promotion but am now addicted to twitter which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I did go to bed before midnight for about six months. The problem is that my computer came with me and I ended up working in bed. I don’t know what I was thinking about the exercise thing. That’s just silly.

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