Create a Custom Hire me form with Ninja Forms

I first heard about Ninja Forms on the Apply Filters podcast with Brad Tournard and Pippin Williamson. Apparently they have been around since 2012 but as I was happy with my goto Contact Form 7 and as I didn’t need anything as fancy as Gravity Forms I didn’t think to look into form plugins too often. Then came a project with a very long and complicated form. It was beyond the scope of any of my previous solutions so I decided it would be easier to do it myself.

A week and a several hundred test emails later, I vowed to use a plugin next time. Then I looked at the plugins I had heard about and realised some weren’t as lightweight as Contact Form 7. And more importantly they weren’t all free. I really don’t have a problem paying for plugins. Some are lifesavers and save me loads of time and effort but I like to keep costs down as much as possible and didn’t want to pay for something unless I really needed it. I amended my vow to convince my clients they didn’t really need a complicated form. If Contact Form 7 couldn’t handle it, it didn’t need doing.

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